Add a poll overlay to your twitch stream

Like Straw Poll but embedded in your stream with themes

Let's ask chat about that...Torpedo Ted

Takes less then 30 seconds to get it up and running in OBS

Examples of streamers using the poll


  • 1.33.0FIXAdded feature that saves the most recent poll so you can reuse it
  • 1.32.1FIXFixed issue where clearing saved polls didn't work
  • 1.32.0FIXAdded error message for when Twitch chat is broken and the bot can't connect
  • 1.31.4FIXAdded ability to translate help text
  • 1.31.3FIXHighlight the fact that users can hide the overlay after a poll has finished
  • 1.31.2FIXFixed bug where current game was not being used
  • 1.31.1FIXReset voting bars when poll finishes instead of when starting
  • 1.31.0FEATUREAdd Night and Bubble Gum themes
  • 1.30.0FEATUREAllow users to vote on multiple options, manually set in admin
  • 1.29.1FIXFix issue where poll "time active" text was not updating on inactive polls
  • 1.29.0FEATUREAdd The Binding of Isaac & Enter the Gungeon themes
  • 1.28.0FEATUREAdd Final Fantasy XIV Online theme
  • 1.27.1FIXFix issue where chat bot would announce multiple times
  • 1.27.0FEATUREAdd ability for pollMapeBot to announce the question, and when poll was closed, in chat through text (must be enabled manually)
  • 1.26.0FEATUREAdd Darkest Dungeon theme
  • 1.25.0FEATUREAdd Elite: Dangerous theme
  • 1.24.0FEATUREAdd Stardew Valley theme
  • 1.23.0FEATUREAdd Dead by Daylight theme
  • 1.22.1FIXFix issue where edges of the poll sometimes had artifacts
  • 1.22.0FEATUREAdd updates notifier to dashboard
  • 1.21.0FEATUREDisplay themes in a wider grid and don't grey them out for easier browsing
  • 1.20.0FEATUREAdd Rocket League and Stonehearth themes
  • 1.19.1FIXImprove matching (4head is not a vote for 4)
  • 1.19.0FEATUREAdd ability to create presets that can be re-used
  • 1.18.1FIXSolve issue where using ')' in a poll option would break
  • 1.18.0FEATUREAdd ability to quickly add poll though Chrome addressbar, just type + Tab. Then enter Question;answer1;answer2;etc.
  • 1.17.0FEATURENotify user when chatBot has connected to Twitch chat though the chat preview log
  • 1.16.0FEATUREUpdate page title to show the option that is currently winning in the tab text
  • 1.15.1FIXOptimize repaint on scroll
  • 1.15.0FEATUREUpdate frontpage
  • 1.15.0FEATUREMove from png/jpg to webp
  • 1.14.0FEATUREAdd chat preview when running a poll. Show current viewer count alongside unique votes count.
  • 1.13.0FEATUREAdd Twitch avatar to dashboard. Add vote count in dashboard poll overview.
  • 1.12.0FEATUREAdd twitter card meta tags
  • 1.11.3FIXDon't use import for CSS fonts to lower request count
  • 1.11.2FIXDon't load youtube embed until it is hovered to improve page speed
  • 1.11.1FIXFix issue were icons would show incorrect graphics sometimes
  • 1.11.0FEATUREShow warning if connection with server is lost and add server error page
  • 1.10.0FEATUREHide the overlay link by default in case dashboard is visible on stream
  • 1.9.0FEATUREAdd ability to hide extra information in bottom like 'Unique votes ' count and 'Time active'
  • 1.8.0FEATUREAdd themes for 'Starcraft ', 'Ancient ', 'GoldSwivel ', 'Spikes ', 'Golden ', 'Medival ' and 'Metal'
  • 1.7.0FEATUREAdd button that suggests theme based on the currently active game on Twitch
  • 1.6.0FEATUREAdd suggestion field in bottom of dashboard
  • 1.5.0FEATUREUpdate frontpage and create video showing how to set it up
  • 1.4.0FEATUREAdd themes for 'H1Z1: King of the Kill' and 'Star Citizen'
  • 1.3.0FEATUREAdd themes for 'Overwatch' and 'Path of Exile'
  • 1.2.0FEATUREAdd themes for 'League of Legends', 'Dota 2', 'Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and Counter-Strike'
  • 1.1.0FEATUREAdd green screen popup
  • 1.0.0FEATURESite goes live

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